Monday, October 27, 2008

Technology is Grand!

I just got my new laptop computer. This is going to make my work day so much more efficient! It does take some getting used to, but for the most part I am looking forward to developing a working relationship with this handy dandy little device of unlimited connections and consciousness!

So now I must find a name for my little critter. There are a lot of possibilities that go through my mind as I think about it, but for the most part I am going to have to see what sort of energy it holds and how best to respond to that with a label that we all know of as a "name".

It is important to name technology. A car runs better and communicates better when it has a name, as does a computer, a stereo, a tv or anything else that we use on a daily basis. I used to enjoy when people in Star Trek: The Next Generation would give a command to the computer and they would say things like, "Computer, dim the lights please." Such wonderful manners and always addressing the computer so that she (it had a female voice) knew that they were addressing her! That is the sort of relationship that I want to have with my laptop.

Blessed Be



Vanitha said...

Congratulations! You are GREAT with relationships and names, and always respectful of things which enhance your life. I'm sure we're all waiting to hear your new Laptop's name!

Gail said...

Your blog got me thinking about all the pieces of technology I use on a daily basis that have gone nameless all this time. I will start addressing this oversight by asking each item what they henceforth wish to be called. My computer likes the sound of the name Anderson, so Anderson s/he will be.
My car likes the name Coriander - so mote it be.
This will take time to discern the names of all the other pieces of technology, but I'm up for it. I hear a lot of voices clamouring for my attention now... the coffee-maker wants to be named Cassandra; the kettle and toaster are still indecisive. Nope, they've decided - Steve is the toaster and Chuck is the kettle. The stove wants a name associating her with pomp and circumstance - Madame LaFarge, la tricoteuse who knitted while she watched the French royalty being guillotined. Last, but not least, the quiet voice of my electric toothbrush - he likes the name Leonard.
When I get to work tomorrow, I will ask my work computer and other office machines how they wish to be addressed.

Trent Deerhorn said...

When you do it all at once, then how do you remember the names of everyone by the next day???

Penny said...

Details Trent. Just go with the flow.