Sunday, October 19, 2008

She Sparkles As She Moves

Last night my partner and I went to the first ballroom dance of the year, the Harvest Swing. This is the first time in over 20 years that I have attended a ballroom dance, so I was quite nervous. And then, as we begin to Rumba, I completely forgot most of what I had been taught. Doesn't that just bug you when that happens? It used to happen when I would get nervous about a final exam in University. I would sit down to write the exam and the exam paper would go blank right before my eyes! It was as though I really didn't want to be there, so I blanked out the paper itself instead of not having the answers in my head. This time though, I was really wanting to be there and to have some fun on the dance floor. Then suddenly all I could remember of the Rumba was the box step. Pretty remedial. And the more I watched the other dancers to pick up on what they were doing, the more my body just wanted to stand there and watch. So I focused on doing a really great box step!

The good thing about this dance thing is that they only have about 2 of the same kind of dance in a row and then they have 2 of something else. So if you are really struggling there is plenty of opportunity to do something else. Cha cha was great. A couple of times I sat one out and watched as my Love danced with someone else. She absolutely sparkles when she dances. This is not just the sparkles on the sequins on her skirt, this is the sparkles in her eyes and in the energy all around her. It tickled me to watch her dance. It also inspired me to become a much better dancer. Oh, and this morning as I woke up I remembered how to do the open break in the Rumba! There is progress, delayed as it is!

Blessed Be


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