Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life is like that......sometimes

Today I am working on getting better. I have been fighting off a bit of an infection (flu) for a couple of days and have not been very successful. So now I am at the cracking point. Today is now a recuperation day. Lots of rest, lots of fluids, lots of rest and lots of fluids. I will be administering my herbal therapies, receiving lots of healing energies, and, with any amount of luck, by tomorrow I will be back to normal....well, back to normal for me!

What does normal look like for a shaman? Well, for one thing, I will be much more aware of energies that are around me. When I get sick, especially with a sinus infection, my third eye becomes dim. It is much like suddenly having a blindfold on, but knowing that when it comes off everything will be intensely bright once again. Today I have had to put off Daddy day with my kids, so I will look forward to seeing them another time when I am better and not contagious. And I will also look forward to being able to talk with my cat again. When my third eye is dim, the translation of her language is more difficult. I am left with body language and facial expressions. That is not always completely reliable.

As I look out over the panoramic view of the city, I am bathed in sunlight that is very healing, no matter how cold it is on the other side of the balcony window. I see snippets of frost on the tops of some of the trees, ushering in a change of season that most people don't enjoy. I do enjoy this change. I think that autumn is my favorite season because of all the vibrant colors, but winter is also a favorite because of the crispness of the air. It all becomes fresh and clean again. I don't enjoy the 40 degrees below zero, but the fresh air, for this air elemental, cannot be beat.

So now I am going to go and do something that most people don't associate with shamanism....I am going to watch some TV and just chill.




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Lauren said...

Do take care of yourself. And I love that you are "human" enough to watch T.V. !!