Friday, October 10, 2008

Belief vs Understanding

People often ask me if they need to believe in anything in particular (such as a particular version of God, for example) in order for the healing work that I do for them to work. My answer is always "No."

I find it much more important to have experiences that lead us to understandings. This is always a much more thorough way to learn than is accepting beliefs that are just fed to us from childhood onward. Yes, I do believe in a Higher Being. Most often I relate to a Divine Feminine, but also a Divine Masculine. I don't, however, expect others to simply adopts these beliefs as their own. In fact I would worry if they did. What I believe is a result of experiences that have led me to understanding things in a particular set of ways. This then has become a way of my life.

Others need to find their own ways of life. We all like to belong, but what we understand in life is ultimately important in that it shapes who we become down the road. We can't adopt the beliefs of others just because they want us to. I remember someone asking me if I believed in Jesus. My answer was, "Having never met the man, I am not sure what I believe about him." A blank look of confusion came across the person's face. I then said, "I believe that someone by that name is reputed to have done some pretty spectacular things, but that is only here say for me until I see some evidence of such things." Another blank look. Then I said, "I don't, however, have any problem with what you chose to believe for yourself." Suddenly there was comprehension. But then the person began trying to make me believe in the same stuff. I had to put a stop to that quickly. I figured that if they were not wanting me to stuff my beliefs down their throats, then they had no right to try to do the same thing to me.

Blessed Be



21st Century Magick said...

Thank you, Trent - Your blog entry has provided me the answer to a question I posed to the Universe yesterday, regarding a 3-day course I signed up for. I asked for a sign to help me cement my decision to withdraw from the course. I'd been unable to come to a firm decision because of an inner debate that's been going on for some time that had to do with being told, and then reading in the course material (the words literally jumped off the pages at me) that in order for this healing modality to work I MUST: i) believe in the existence of God; ii) I must have faith that this will work, AND iii) if I don't witness the healing occurring, it won't work. What kind of crap is that?!? I now understand that my indecision has been a lifelong handicap, if you will, of not trusting my own senses. I'm in the midst of overcoming this disability - what a rush!
Your choice of topic for this post is yet another confirmation that when I keep my "eyes", "ears" and heart open and tuned in, I get the answers I seek. How cool is it that every one of us has this ability?!? The more I learn, the more questions there are to answer, and the more answers I receive, the more I learn and the more I understand. Yay!!

Trent Deerhorn said...

I know which course of which you speak. You are sooo right to not have continued.

Blessed Be