Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a Thought

Sometimes I wonder what people mean when they say, "It's just a thought." I know that sometimes it is in relation to a suggestion that may be helpful. But other times, it is used as though it is a disqualification of what the thought was. When this happens I think that people are not realizing the power or energy ripple that happens with every thought that goes through our heads. Thoughts in and of themselves are an energy form that creates a reality on some level.

The Ancients would acknowledge that everything we think, say and do will ripple forth for the next seven generations. The importance of attitude became tantamount. If someone had a lousy attitude this could affect the rest of the people for a very long time to come. So the attitudes got adjusted very quickly in order to create peace and harmony for the people and the children and the grandchildren. So when we had a bad attitude we could certainly expect grandmother or grandfather to slap us upside the back of the head (just to get our attention) and then share with us the details of why we need to adjust our attitude. The attitude would indeed get adjusted quickly....or else! And we would not want to know what exactly the "or else" would mean.

So when we are having a bad day and have a morbid fantasy about offing our least favorite person, we need to remember the ripple effect.

Blessed Be


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Gail said...

I was going to ask how we could tell which of the seven generations we're currently at in this moment, but it doesn't seem to matter now. If someone in my family had a bad attitude seven generations ago and their thoughts, words and actions are affecting me now, the thoughts I create, the actions I do and the words I say will affect the next seven generations to come after me. What this implies is that attitudes, either good or bad will continue generation after generation until the human race ends. On the other hand, all it takes is one to break the cycle and create a new, healthy, positive attitude that will affect the next generations, like someone breaking a family's dysfunctional rules and speaking of what happens behind closed doors. Current family members may take the cue and break their own silence or close ranks and pretty much excommunicate the one who went against "The Family" (Why do I hear the Godfather saying something about an offer I can't refuse, and being fitted for a pair of cement shoes so I can sleep with the fishes...?)