Thursday, October 16, 2008

Open House

Today we had the Open House at the Aquamarine Healing Centre. It was so much fun! To be able to meet new people and old friends and celebrate the new space and the fact that we have an incredible staff to work with was a treat. For some, it was the very first encounter that they have had with the space, and we got some very positive feedback from many. We could not have accomplished so much in the line of preparation without the excellent teamwork of all the staff. Also, I must say that Prairie Meats prepared some excellent platters for the occasion.

It is really fun at things like this when, for example, a young couple walks into my office to see the space and the one says to the other, "Ooooh, I want our home to look like this." Also to demonstrate the energy coding of rhythmic patterns on a drum and have people feel it for the first time.

Yes, I had fun and I think that this was one of the more successful Open Houses that has been put on for people. Thank you to all who helped make it happen.

Blessed Be


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Penny said...

I agree completely! Great party and wonderful team!
It was interesting to see how some people who came straight from work stayed for a good part of the evening. You could see them melting into a relaxed state by being around all the positive energy.
The drumming was awesome.