Monday, October 13, 2008

More Damage than Good

In the "comments" section from the last blog entry you will find an interesting situation described. My response is short and sweet. Now here is a longer version.

If anyone tells you that your healing is not working because you don't believe enough in what the practitioner is like the wind! Practitioners who do this sort of stuff to people are either ignorant or malicious. Having worked with energy systems for over 40 years, I can tell you that Universal Healing energy is, tatataDah!, UNIVERSAL!! The Universe doesn't care what belief system one has. It is there for all to access and will provide whatever is necessary for each and every one of us. It is indeed as simple as that.

Universal Healing energy does not concern itself with petty stuff like if we are Atheist, Catholic, Protestant, Islam, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan or the many thousands of alternatives that there are to Christianity. Universal Healing energy is there no matter what our beliefs, cultures, creeds, races, genders, ages and so on. For someone to say that if it doesn't work then you don't believe the right things is actually quite abusive and the kind of cult mentality that screws up the world in which we live. Since when does any healing modality that isn't working not get refined so that it will work? If it can't be refined so that it does work, then it gets scrapped for one that does work. The modality that was mentioned by my reader in the comments section has actually taken smatterings of ancient energy technologies, bastardized them, and called them their own. No wonder it doesn't work well! No wonder the only thing that they can think of is that it must be the "fault" of the one being healed if it doesn't work. This sort of idiocy infuriates me on personal and professional levels. Stuff like this breezes through town and leaves in its wake so many screwed up individuals who then need to seek other modalities to put them back together again that the rest of the local therapists end up feeling like all the work these people did for so long had a semi truck run right through it. Then it ends up being months before Humpty gets put back together again. In the meantime, these poor people have had to spend not just the amount of the tuition for the course, but then hundreds of dollars in repairs after the instructors have long since written them off as "non-believers". In my personal opinion, people should actually consider suing those who abuse them in such a way.

On this Thanksgiving Monday, I am grateful for all the therapists and actual Light workers who are out there to help those in the community who are ailing. I am also thankful for the sanity that is brought into the equation with the simple acceptance of Love in our lives.

Blessed Be



21st Century Magick said...

Thanks for posting this blog and spelling out what so many of us need to be reminded of when deciding which training courses are right for us.
To update: After I'd sent you the comment in the last blog you posted, I made the phone call to withdraw from the course. It was interesting to hear that this practitioner/teacher was told by HER teacher that it's a "scientifically proven fact that when things aren't witnessed they don't happen". I told her that the quote states that the witnessing of an event alters the outcome, albeit slightly, by the simple fact that it is being witnessed. The event occurs whether anyone is witnessing it or not. It's been recorded as well that the outcomes of events will differ in some slight way depending upon who is doing the watching. I sense energy at work here; our individual vibrational energies merged with those the Universal Life Force...
Now, on a completely different tack - I heard that a psychic in the UK predicted that Aliens are landing on Earth tomorrow in a desert somewhere in the States. (How close is Las Vegas to Area 51?) She further states that they come in love and will increase our vibrational frequencies. All I want to know is why the Aliens chose to land in the US and not Saskatchewan.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Either they did not do their research properly to see that we are friendlier, or the U.Sers need their help more. ;-)