Friday, January 23, 2009


So often people ask me how to connect with their Spirit Allies, be they human or animal or mineral in form. The answer really is to approach them with the mind of a child. This means to get out of your head and into your heart. When we allow ourselves to relate to the Spirit realm from our hearts, we naturally show respect and care for the Spirit Allies.

Too often people say things like, "My bear told me such and such and so I commanded him to....". This is an inappropriate relationship. First off, the bear does not belong to you, therefore it is not "your bear" but rather simply "Bear". Secondly, if you think that you can go on for very long commanding Spirit to do anything, then you are in for one heck of a life lesson, because to command is to come entirely from the place of ego. We can request, we can ask for information, we can assist, but we would do best to not command.

So when we approach Spirit Allies with the mind of a child, we allow their presence to enter our lives with the gentleness of a deer and the grace of a swan. We don't always see them right away because they are not in our dimension of consciousness. We sometimes smell them, feel them touch us, hear them in the wind or in the trickling of water, and we sometimes dream them. Once we attune our own consciousness to their dimension of reality, communication can take place and relationship can be established.

Sometimes they are forcefully and desperately trying to get our attention. This can result in dream encounters that are frightening. If we allow ourselves, instead of running from Tiger, for example, to be able to turn and face Tiger and ask it what it wants, we will then show an openness that allows Tiger to calm down and let us know what we need to know. Sometimes Tiger will eat us in a dream. So be it. It is now infusing you with its Tiger medicine. passed the test! Now your instincts will be much more acute and precise. Just remember, we don't own Tiger. Tiger adopts us.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Many of my dreams are populated with animals. Dogs seem to be the most prevalent lately, although I've had dream encounters with bears, deer, skunks, cats and birds.