Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Mystical

I know why it is that so many people don't want to know about things that are mystical. Yes, there are many of us who do want to know. This is why I write this blog and why you read it. But for many in our Western world, the mystical is a dangerous place. It freaks them out to think that there might be more to reality than what they are willing to acknowledge or live up to. The mystical aspects of reality comes with responsibility. This is simply the ability to respond. Most people don't even want to respond to all that they do see around them, let alone to what they don't yet see.

Once we do see what is there, and has always been right there in front of our sleeping eyes, we have a responsibility to live up to what is then expected of us. There is a relationship that is established between the mundane and the mystical. The two realities begin to blend and become as one. This is much like a loving relationship between two people. Both have to be "in" or it doesn't work. I think that sometimes the moment that one discovers the mystical is like the moment one first sees their true love. Granted, sometimes that relationship evolves into true love over time. But I also believe in love at first sight. That moment when your eyes first meet and there is a sudden skipping of the heart beat and your pulse begins to race and every cell and fibre of your body cries out with ecstasy and anticipation. And then you have no choice. You have to say "hello". And once the introduction is made, your life is changed.....forever.

This is not something that is all that appealing to anyone who is phobic about commitment. It does take commitment to yourself and to the mystical to create and maintain this relationship. Once that commitment is made, your life becomes enriched in ways far beyond your wildest dreams. The meaning of everything and the synergy of all and the interwoven reality of all that we encounter is available to us. We see things in a more expansive and interconnected way. The lights come on within our minds and we see, for the first time, with clarity and illumination. The Ecstasy of the Divine flows through us and nourishes every aspect of our being. Now really, who in their right mind would not want that?

Blessed Be

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