Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Helping Hands, Healing Hands

I always find it amazing how well things go when we lend a hand. Helping others and performing acts of kindness warms my heart. But I also find it sad how many people lack physical human contact. The healing touch that is transmitted through the hands is amazing. I am not sure when we, as a race or culture, got so hung up about touching each other, but we really did ourselves and everyone around us a disservice.

The healing energy that transfers from one to another through touch is free! It is not something that we always have to pay someone to do for us. All we have to do is volunteer. And we don't even have to touch anyone anywhere that they or we would not be comfortable with. Simply touching a hand does so much for the endorphins in the body that it is like taking a happy pill. Then with the energy of intent combined, we can move energy to anywhere throughout the body.

The Medicine Wheel teachings tell us that the body is the temple. It is the place where we learn to properly hold. By "holding" I mean that we learn how to hold our temple in the highest regard, keeping it well so that it, in turn can hold our soul energies intact for this earth walk. It is also important for us to recognize, however, how important it is for everyone to be held, from the time of birth to the time of death (no matter how long a period of time in between those two events).

This is something that hospitals are finally catching on to. Even in ICU there is space provided to touch the person who is unwell. In Neonatal ICU people are encouraged to touch and, sometimes, to hold the infants who are at risk.

So when my Love tells me how incredible it is when I touch her as I caress her back, I take it as an ultimate compliment and know that, no matter what, this is something that I will always do for her. Loving touch does not always have to be a sexual thing. It always is, however, sensual in that it stimulates the body's senses to receive the healing that is involved.

From here on in, I invite anyone who reads this to reconsider their views on touch and look at it as a form of healing in and of itself. Go ahead....reach out and touch someone! ;-)

Blessed Be

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