Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Three Faces of the Goddess

Maiden, Mother and Crone. This also correlates to the three faces of the God; Father, Son and Sage. So no matter what gender you are you are able to relate to the three aspects of the Divine.

The Maiden is the youthful aspect of the Goddess. She is full of spontaneity and potential. She helps bring fresh perspectives into any situation.

The Mother is the nurturer. She is able to comfort and protect us on our earth walk. She is the giver of life.

The Crone is the wise woman aspect of the Goddess, or the Grandmother. She gives wise counsel and helps us to understand the web we have woven in our lives and how to disentangle and how to create a better weave for ourselves and others.

Without this consciousness I would personally be quite lost in life. Things can get very complicated and when they do I find that meditating and asking the questions like, "What do I need to understand and what do I need to next do?" brings me the answers and guidance from the Goddess. I don't focus necessarily on any one aspect of Her. I simply ask the question and allow Her to answer me from whichever perspective or perspectives She chooses. She tells me she loves me because I listen. Mind you, She is also at times frustrated because of what I decide (having free will and all) to do with the information She gives me.

Blessed Be

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