Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't Bottle Them Up!

Emotions are E-motions. Energy in motion. It is important to allow the emotions to flow. Don't bottle them up, or they become like stagnant water. And when we allow them to flow, we don't need to drown in them or to drown anyone else in them. Laughter ripples; tears flow. This is the nature of emotions.

This photo is of my water rattle. As I utilize the swirling sound of the water to move through a person's energy system, their emotions begin to balance. They release what has been dammed up for way too long and integrate what has needed to be healed. It is also quite beautiful to look at when it is in use. The green water is very distinctive as it swirls and ripples through the bottle.

Water has been used for centuries as a healing agent. It has been used to cleanse and purify the body, the mind and the soul. Frog Clan healers often will spray holy water onto the body of their patient and, as the water soaks into that area of the body, the body heals. I say, "Pretty cool indeed!".

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Since I have yet to figure out what determines burdening others with my my 'stuff' I keep quiet and just don't share.