Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dragons In Our Midst

There are many forms of dragons in our world, should we choose to see them. Air dragons tend to be found in the sky, Water dragons in lakes, rivers and oceans, Fire dragons near volcanoes and so on. Earth dragons seem to be the most well hidden right in front of our eyes. They have the ability to shape shift into rock and stone formations, into hills and also become part of the face of a mountain or the bark of a tree.

Why do they do this? Actually, it is about self-preservation. Humans have not been the kindest of creatures to the dragons. Quite frankly, with all our silly dragon slaying we seem to have lost their trust, for some reason or other. It takes quite the gifted soul to now be able to find a dragon amongst its camouflage. But the thing is that gifted individuals are used to seeing what has always been right there in front of us, unseen to the rest of humanity. Yes, sometimes others will call us things like "crazy" because they don't have the gift of sight. But eventually, as we choose wisely those with whom we share our visions, our understanding of the world around us ripples outward. Over time, the consciousness that we possess becomes something akin to common knowledge. I would say that it won't be more than, say, the next 200 years and the world will once again know the presence of the dragon. That doesn't seem so long to wait, considering how slow people can be in catching up.

The question, however, is what humans will do with the information. It is my hope that, through avenues such as my blog site and a variety of books that are written on the subject, we will be able to educate humanity so that they don't repeat old patterns of mistakes. After being slaughtered to near extinction the sea otter rarely visits the coastline anymore and will never do so if there is a bi-ped in earshot or in sight. The dragons have magic that can keep them safe for now. The sea otter did not. Having lost the trust of the sea otter humans now have to go onto its turf to get any information on it. Perhaps this is why only magical humans can find the dragons. Perhaps that is a turf that we have in common, and perhaps having that in common creates a trust level for first contact. Once that contact is made, we still have to prove ourselves worthy of further contact. As we do, relationship develops and rapour becomes established. As partners, the magical ones and the dragons are able to begin the process of re-creating harmony in the world, which is not a small task by any stretch!

Blessed Be

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Joyce said...

Interesting post. I know there are beings we cannot see unless we are meant to. I myself, love dragons and wish to see one someday. Have you ever seen one?

Trent Deerhorn said...

As a matter of fact, yes I have. If you were to refer to the blog entry entitled "Dragons in the Mist" you will find another entry about encounters with dragons.

Dragons work with me and I with them. That doesn't in any way mean that I "command" them, but rather a partnership. A lot of people think of them as something over which to gain control. This is not the best approach.