Saturday, January 31, 2009

Psychic Intelligence

We all know terms like "intellectual intelligence" and "emotional intelligence", but there is another form of intelligence that is there and rarely acknowledged. This is called "Psychic Intelligence". This is a phrase that is my own. I did not pick it up in a book or in an interview on television. This is something that I have spoken about for years and that was taught me, although not called "psychic intelligence" when it was being taught.

When I was taught about this it was called things like "honouring your insight", "intuition", and "medicine". This is all accurate, but I like giving it the name of "psychic intelligence" because it honours it even more. It give is a quality of reality that contemporary thought does not. When we are psychically intelligent we pay attention to what goes on inside ourselves and what goes on around us. We qualify the "vibes" we get on things. We allow ourselves to question whether or not we are crazy and know that if we have even considered the question we are most likely sane. We pay attention to the shadows that we see out of the corner of our eyes and we know that it is not always just a problem with our physical vision. We allow ourselves to check in with what is right for us on a spiritual level and become congruent with that.

Psychic intelligence allows us not to "spy" on others, but to keep us on track. It helps to prevent us from departing from our spiritual path in ways that hinder our growth. It helps us to connect the dots of reality and know that all is interwoven with everything and everyone else in our universe. It honours us as spiritual beings inside physical bodies, and lets go of us seeing ourselves as physical beings trying to become spiritual.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Whoa... Powerful words, especially the last paragraph.

Trent Deerhorn said...

I thought that the most powerful ones were the ones that got highlighted during spell check and won't un-highlight now that they have been corrected! Sheesh, technology! oi vay!