Friday, January 9, 2009

The Sacred Circle

This is the medicine wheel circle that was set up for the Yule ceremony in December. The white lace table cloth represented the crispy white snow, the rose pattern on it representing the Divine Mother. There are eight stones around the centre which represent the 8 celebrations around the wheel of the year and the infinite number 8. The 4 candles represent the 4 winds, or cardinal directions, and the Spirit Keepers of those winds. The willow (the ability to flow with whichever way the wind blows us) star represents the sacred pentagram, and within the circle of the table (the circle again representing eternity) it becomes a pentacle, or the Druid's Foot. The Druid's Foot has teachings within it as to how to properly conduct magic in an ethical way. Each point of the star has a teaching.

The first teaching is to "know" that magic exists and that we can indeed harness that energy and conduct it. The second teaching is to "will" what we desire to manifest and to know that, as co-creators of our reality, we have the ability to create whatever we desire for ourselves. The third teaching is to "dare" to do the manifestation, because once it is done, there is no going back and this requires us to be very conscious of what we magically invite in and what we do not. The fourth teaching is to be "silent" about that which we have magically invited. Too often people blab about the magic and how "cool" it was and the next thing you know it is halted because of someone else's fear getting in the way. The fifth teaching is to "go", meaning to take the necessary steps to conduct the ceremony, to appropriately invite the partnership with Spirit to help, heal and protect us, to communicate gratitude to Spirit for what we enjoy in our lives, and to ask for assistance in the manifestation.

When all of this is done the cauldron, with the offerings inside, is ignited and the flames take our intent and our desires to the ears of Spirit, who then responds to our wishes and needs. The cauldron is the womb of the Great Mother, the offerings the seeds of the Great Father, and when united and ignited, the manifestation is the Divine Passion.

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

A very creative and beautiful circle. I particularly like the willow star.

Always a good reminder not to go blabbing about the magic!