Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Good Book

"A good book is the life blood of a Master Spirit." I am not sure who said or wrote that. Whomever it was, the person was brilliant. I am not one who reads a lot anymore. I used to read voraciously when I was in University. But after 4 years of reading on demand, I kind of burned out. I went for years after that with just reading what was absolutely necessary. By that I mean things like street signs and tax forms. Gradually I got so that I could pick up a book and not feel anxious. I began reading for something that I had not done for years and years....pleasure. Eventually I was able to read things that were just for my interest and personal growth. That was when I began noticing books on shamanic topics and on magic and witchcraft and such. It was like entering a candy store!

I am currently re-reading "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. We have a library set up in the bathroom. This is where, according to my eldest daughter, all the best books can be found. I figure that if I am going to be sitting there anyway, why not enjoy a good book. Now, I have never been one that is so literary that I can pull quotes out of my head during conversation. Frankly, I have much preferred to be more original than that. And although you will find quotations in this blog site and through some of my other writings, I don't speak that way. Sometimes I wish that I could speak the way Kahlil Gibran writes. It is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend his material as a good read.

I enjoy books for what they accumulation of knowledge. This knowledge does indeed feed my spirit, and it allows my mind to soar. Wisdom, however, I find to be a different thing. Someone can be very book learned and still be a blockhead. Knowledge is the accumulation of information. Wisdom is the appropriate use thereof. So, for example, I might know that certain things in my home could be combustible. Wisdom would dictate that I keep those things in a place where they are safe from heat sources so that I don't accidentally start a fire. Wisdom would also dictate that I do not create a bomb out of these things. Just because we know how to split an atom does not mean that we must create an A-bomb. Unfortunately, wisdom is not common sense either. I find that forward thinking people are the most wise. They see what there is for potential and challenge the contemporary paradigms. This is not common sense. Common sense, unfortunately, can be limited to what is conventionally thought of as true. Yet when we look at some of the conventional thought systems, many of them have more to do with what we have been told to believe than what is actually real. Forward thinkers break apart these beliefs and force the rest of the world to address reality beyond comfort zones and belief systems.

Blessed Be

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