Monday, January 5, 2009

Cauldron Teachings

Harry Potter, eat your heart out! This is what I often say when igniting my cauldron. Well, that and Mwahahaha! I love doing cauldron magic. The cauldron itself represents the Earth Mother, both being made of iron and being in the shape of a bowl, which represents the earth's womb. What we put into the cauldron (anything from herbs to liquids to offerings to intent) is considered to be the masculine energy entering the womb. Once the two are together and ignited, the Spirit energy is what is represented by the flame. This flame takes our prayers and intentions and gives it over to Great Spirit, God, Goddess, whatever you personally like to call it. Once the request or prayer is delivered, Spirit is able to understand our needs and respond to them.

Don't try this without some personal instruction. After all, no one wants anyone to burn their own house down! But when the flame really gets going, it takes on the form or forms of many things. I really enjoy watching the flames (cauldron flames that is, although I have nothing at all against the Calgary Flames) and seeing what they have to show me. Many messages can be communicated from Spirit to us. Heck, just sit and watch the flames of the fireplace! Is that not mesmerizing?

Blessed Be

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