Saturday, January 24, 2009

Celebration time...Come On!

So often people get all humbug about celebrations. They don't want anyone acknowledging their birthdays, they forget anniversaries, they completely ignore the holidays. Sometimes I see these people and wonder what the heck their damage is??? When I ask them what's up with the ba-humbug attitude all I get from them is additional attitude about the "commercialism" of these events. I get stuff like, "It's only a Hallmark holiday." Sometimes I get, "I don't think Christmas is anything other than a way to boost the economy." I find this sort of thinking sad.

We can choose to celebrate whatever we want in whatever way we want. When we buckle to the idea that it is either commercialism or nothing, we lack imagination. We can celebrate in whatever way we choose, even if that is just blowing up balloons, putting up streamers and yelling, "Surprise!!" when someone enters the room. My Love tells me that I sing the best rendition of Happy Birthday bar none. All her friends who have heard it agree. That is the way I celebrate people's birthdays. I sing. Is it any wonder I have taken on the position of "Birthday Coordinator" at work? The good thing is that folks at work appreciate that. Besides, it is just fun, fun, fun!

Blessed Be

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