Monday, January 19, 2009

Many Layers

Sometimes things are not quite as they seem. We look at something one way and get all caught up in the "reality" of that way of viewing it. I remember what it was like waking up from a very deep sleep and, because I had moved around during my dreaming, not recognizing the room I was in. This has happened more than once, but each time it has served as a reminder to change my perspective on things. There is a sudden uneasy feeling that goes through you when you wake up not knowing where the heck you are. Things that have always been in your surroundings are suddenly different and look strange and unusual. This can cause you to freak out completely. But then you turn around and realize that it is the same room it has always been, just viewed from an upside down and backwards perspective.

It is amazing to me how often we get caught in that standard view of reality. We forget to see the layers of truth. Realities fold in upon each other and we see it as strange that there was something underneath it all that we hadn't realized. The word "realize" has the same "ize" in it as does the word "Standardize". So to realize something is to make it real. To standardize something is to make it standard. When we realize something we see it differently; we change the reality of it and we create a new understanding or reality of it. This can be like pealing an onion. Many tears can be involved. But just as lighting a candle helps burn off the fumes from an onion, thus lessening the tears, so does keeping our spiritual flame burning lessen the tears in life that are a result of not understanding the layers that are involved in any given situation. But even if there are tears involved, this only means that the water element is being honoured once again.

Blessed Be

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