Friday, January 18, 2008

Arranging my life

This evening I attended my friend, Cathy's, community drumming circle. It was such an enriching experience to see so many smiling faces around the circle as we became at one through the sound of the drums.

My own circle, Transformational Tuesday, is starting up on the 22nd of January for another series of gatherings. We are going to be having a Full Moon ceremony. I can hardly wait for that. I find the ceremonial drumming circles to be so incredibly powerful. I can feel the positive ripples in the energy go out on an endless stream of consciousness.

Those of you who are reading this might also want to check out my website at to get up to speed on some of the upcoming workshops and classes that I am offering this Winter/Spring.

And now on a completely other note, and the reason that I began blogging this evening in the first place: The other day I was arranging a Japanese flower display. As I did so I was suddenly aware that not everyone is conscious of small things like this and their importance in the scheme of things. I arrange flowers, Japanese or otherwise, in a bit of a ceremonial manner. I see this simple act as contributing to the beauty of the world around us. And as I do this task, I am conscious of how every petal and every leaf is also related to the clouds and the sun and the earth. Every plant requires the fertile soil in which to grow and can only do so because of the sun that warms that soil and the clouds that bring it the nourishing rains. We depend upon the same things to survive. And we and the plants also depend upon each other. Our breath alone is an exchange of energy that allows each to nourish the other. So when I am arranging the flowers I am also arranging my life. I am beautifying my environment and I am beautifying myself.

Blessed Be


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