Thursday, January 3, 2008

Honoring the Ancestors

Confucius said, "When the dead are honoured and when the memory of the most distant ancestor remains alive, the strength of a people attains its fullest expression."

Today I went on a shamanic journey. Holding a piece of pipe stone in one hand and swirling the rattle with the other, I was taken on a twofold journey through time and space back through my ancestral lines on both sides of my family. Lo and behold, they ended up intertwining numerous times through the genetic history. No inbreeding or anything like that, but certainly a connection every hundred years or so. I found this fascinating because I had never seen the interwoven aspect in any previous journeys. I had only found the individual aspects as they pertained to the issues at the time of each journey. This time I was wide open for all the information (or at least as much as I could handle) to flood through.

While this was happening, I was also aware of the presence of the ancestral spirits all around me in my temple. Some had "issues" they had not resolved with each other, but all were willing to be there for me while I journeyed. The amount of love and support that I experienced coming from each and all of them was absolutely INSANE!!! It brought tears to my eyes and I now know that in many ways, I am also a catalyst for them to heal their own stuff between each other. At the end of the journey, all the spirits entered my heart chakra and radiated throughout my physical being. Then all the light slowly faded away and I felt some of them touch my cheek as they bid me farewell. It was beautiful. I am so honored. I truly have developed a deeper connection and respect for each of them as I integrate their stories within my DNA. Ancestors of all Time And Space, I thank you!

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