Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spirit Energy Portraits

Today I have finally finished one of my Spirit Energy Portraits ( and click on Gallery or Spirit Energy Portraits) for a client. I get so revved when I do one of these. They are a beautiful and powerful illustrated interpretation of a person's aura, spirit path, power animals, Spirit Guides, and past lives. I find them to be awesome to create because they are completely an intuitive process that then gets put into action. This is how the masculine and feminine energies are supposed to work together. Most of the time when I am painting them my eyes are closed. I go into a trance state and allow the portrait to basically be channeled through me.

I am equally amazed at the fact that more things come to the surface long after I have delivered the portrait to the person. Images emerge and present themselves on what seems an ongoing basis and each one adds to the flavor of the portrait. This is too cool.

Blessed Be


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