Monday, January 7, 2008

Shamanic Journey: Mind

The mind is full of clutter. Most of the clutter has to do with conditions and attitudes we have been raised to think of as real. So the mind becomes a series of gears and pulleys and wheels and really doesn't do it's job. The job of the mind is to be a servant to us. We are to receive information through the mind, but then process it through the intuitive aspects which allow us to flow with the universal and natural energies. Too often we are convinced that what our minds tell us is automatically rationally true. So we allow our minds to run us, instead of allowing ourselves to run our minds. So here is a little exercise for you:

Go into a room alone and record your voice as you freely speak whatever comes to your mind. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Just allow yourself to chatter on and don't worry about what comes out of your mouth. Then put the tape away and listen to it in a day or two. You will be surprised at the rubbish that came out of your mouth and how your mind is actually working in a dysfunctional way.

Now here is a journey for you to take. You don't need to use a drum for this or anything, but you can if you like, or put on a drumming CD. Most journeys take you to the other realms. This one takes you into the inner world of the mind. This is not to say it is the mind's domain. This is YOUR domain. You get to choose what goes on here. So allow yourself to get comfortable and go within. Find a peaceful place in which to do this. Find your own inner place of peace within. Allow yourself to talk with the mechanic of your mind. See what this one is like. Explain to the mechanic that you need to run a different program; one of peace, love, joy, inspiration, strength, empowerment of self and others. To do this the original programs must be deleted in order to make room. So allow the mechanic to delete the outmoded programs of self-doubt and low self-worth. Then install the new programs. See how this changes the mechanic. Then notice how this changes you. Breathe that change through every cell of your body. Know that you are now the MASTER OF YOUR MIND. Nothing can happen in there now without your permission. If anything negative begins to sneak in, you can boot it out. You and the mechanic are now partners in this process. It is indeed that simple. Now come on back and feel the benefits of this journey. And I welcome you to comment on your experiences of this journey and the after benefits of it!

Blessed Be!

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