Monday, January 14, 2008

Yin and Yang

I have found that in western culture many are ignorant of the concept of Yin and Yang energy. Tell most western men that there is feminine energy in them and you are likely eating a knuckle sandwich! The thing is, though, that this concept is one of the very few that actually make practical sense.

If we own our yin and our yang (female and male) energies, then we are able to harmonize them so that we can carry out our life tasks with integrity. We become much better listeners, communicators, empaths and action oriented individuals. The yin (female) energy is what helps us to understand on a holistic level what we require to spiritually and emotionally grow. The yang (male) energy is what puts into action what the yin understands.

As an example, I was car shopping today. The yin energy let me know which car felt right and resonated with our needs. The yang energy helped keep me centered and focused while making the deal with the salesperson. Both worked optimally in their own time and space. Neither one conflicted with the other or competed for attention because each one was being honored.

Had I only honored the yin energy, chances are that I would have been much too emotionally involved with the car to even care about the financial aspects. I would have simply thought to myself, "Money? Those are minor details. I want the one in white." If I had honored only the yang energy my thought system would possibly have been, "I don't care that it is a nice car or that it is the most perfect car for my family, if they don't give me exactly the deal I demand, I will simply walk." Instead, the process was relatively easy and harmonious. And I very much look forward to driving it.

That is not to say that having that harmony is always easy. There were times today that I had to focus on balancing those two energies in order to get the desired result. This was made easier by the fact that I have spent years doing meditation and self reflection techniques to achieve that balance in advance of today. The more we do in the area of self work, the better off we are and the more easily we can handle the circumstances that life hands us.

Blessed Be


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